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Mitsubi's new look


Mitsubi is a Saiyan from a unknown planet that crash landed on Earth. As far as he or anyone else knows he is the only one of his kind left, there for he is very lonely and is looking for a friend.


He has upright hair with a prominent widow's peak. He is about 5'7 with light skin. But when he is a Super Saiyan his skin turns a to a peach-like color due to the amount of emotions flowing and his increased blood flow.


Mitsubi is a sad lonely warrior who fights for who ever he wants. So you can say he is a anti-hero, he will fight for good if he has to. He also really loving protecting people who cares about.

Moves and transformationsEdit

Super Saiyan=After seeing a friend of his dying (Not used right away)

Incineration Cannon

Galick Gun

and various smash attacks